Joint Will

A joint will is a single document executed by more than one person (typically between spouses), making which has an effect in relation to each signatory’s property on his or her death (unless he or she revokes (cancels) the will during his or her lifetime).

Although a single document, the joint will is a separate distribution of property by each executor (signatory) and will be treated as such on admission to probate. Mutual wills are any two (or more) wills that are mutually binding, such that following the first death the survivor is constrained in his or her ability to dispose of his or her property by the agreement he or she made with the deceased. Historically such wills had an important role in ensuring property passed to children of a marriage rather than a spouse of a widow or widower on a remarriage.


The recognition of these forms varies widely from one jurisdiction to the next. Some permit both, some will not recognize joint wills, and many have established a presumption that one or both of these forms creates a will contract.

A joint will differs substantively from a mutual will in that the former is not intended to be irrevocable or to express a mutual intention; it is merely an administrative convenience. A will may be both joint (on one document) and mutual in another.

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Further Information

What we do for our Will Fee of £190*

These are the services we undertake to complete your will

  • We will conduct a telephone assessment call to gather all the facts to be able to complete an assessment of how you want your wills completing. This can take from 30 minutes up to approximately 60 minutes depending on the complexity.
  • We will record details of the Executor(s) you have chosen to administer your estate upon your death.
  • We will provide a rough draft of your Will(s) these will be provided either by email at your request or they will be made available for download in the My Account Part of the online shop.
  • Once you have examined your will we will ask if there are any corrective action(s) you require before continuing your will.
  • We will set a video appointment up for the signing of your will. This is usually taken via Zoom in which you will receive an appointment email at a time that is suitable for you. This way we become the witnesses to the signing of your will.
  • We will send the Will for electronic signature via Abobe sign. Once signed you will receive in your email a copy of your will containing both your signatures and the signatures of us as witnesses.
  • We will retain the master will in our Fire and Waterproof off-premises storage facility for your lifetime. or until you or your appointed executor request the original will.
  • We will provide you a certified copy of your will sent via tracked and insured mail services.


This is a list of possible disbursements that apply to will matters and their cost.

  • Courier Service to collect documents from you FREE
  • Further Certified Copies of your will including postage £25 each
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