Deed of Variation of a Will

Deed of Variation of an existing Will.
If everyone involved in a ‘Will’ are in agreement a ‘Will’ can be changed to account for different executors. different beneficiaries and different legacies.
What’s included?
  1. Telephone consultation.
  2. Document completion.
  3. Postage.
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Further Information

Our Will writing service is perfect If you don’t currently have a will, or you need to update an existing will.
How can you guarantee that what you leave behind will be inherited by those you want it to be?
How can you get a will written quickly and easily as possible from the comfort of your own home?
Will writing is one of our most popular services leaving our clients safe in the knowledge that their family’s interests have been properly protected.
What’s included?
  1. Telephone consultation.
  2. Document completion.
  3. Postage.
  4. Three certified copies of the will.
  5. Free lifetime storage of the master will, offsite and contained at a fire proof and water proof document storage facility. you can request the master will at any time as and when it maybe needed.

All our wills are legally binding and are custom prepared for you together with a guide to attestation but more importantly, an appointment and telephone/video signing service.

We book an appointment to suit you so that we can talk you through the signing and attestation service to avoid mistakes which are made regularly. We will explain the signing procedure in detail and check the documentation once it is electronically returned.

We call this a “virtual appointment” and it can be done by Zoom, WhattsApp or Skype for visual confirmation. We are your witnesses so there is no need to ask family or friends to witness your will.

A virtual appointment is as good as us being there in person but at the fraction of a cost of attending a solicitor’s office and completing the same work on your behalf, everything is completed stress-free and at a safe distance in the comfort of your own home. We service only in England and Wales

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